Kapesh Ajaria

I am Kapesh Ajaria, MBA graduate from ABS, Noida, MD at Aswatha Lighting Solutions and Designer at Aswatha Design Studio, a firm for Light trading and Lighting Design, Here we provide solutions regarding lighting and advice people for their project and associated with SYSKA LED Lights. Completed many flagship projects in Udaipur and out stations, Before my startup I had corporate exposure in HRM in position to Regional Head with companies of high repute for 12 years. presently I am settled to Udaipur (my hometown). I have always been health conscious and enthusiast towards fitness. I am organizing partner for one of the India’s most reputed cylcing race event Sugar Free Cyclothon, Ahmadabad for promoting cycling in the country.

Initially i was runner but with no proper diet and training schedule I felt i am injuring myself therefore Friend of mine suggested me to pick up cycling for fitness. thats how I started cycling in year 2013 as lets check out and then today it part of regular life.

With cycling i came across with many new people whom i suppose would never be part of my life or known to me… that what i feel is my achievement to meet people out of my profession.

Initially it was to stay fit and healthy, now i feel it is the way of life should be adopted by everyone for better health of living being and planet. So, I try to influence everyone near me to start cycling.

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