Nitesh Tak

Founder: Udaipur Cycling Club
Gold: Dholavira, Kutch national Half-Iron-Man
Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)

Q: “What is your legacy?”
A: “Leave a better World.”

In the early dark hours of Sunday morning, 7th of Aug, 2016, Nitesh, went on his first 10 kms ride around our city’s jewel – Fatah Sagar. He watched the first rays of sunlight bounce off the silvery sheen of the lake and throw away the shroud of the night. As he crossed the finish line, and stopped to soak in the mesmerizing brilliance of nature, an idea popped in his mind. Udaipur needs deserves a Cycling Club. He went on to form the Band of Brothers, over the next few months. In a short period of 3 years, he has 27+, over 100 kms rides, including pedalling down to Jodhpur, Abu, Jawai, Ranakpur, Chittor, Bhilwara ….

Nitesh, an ISSA USA certified fitness expert, is no stranger to bringing large-scale, collaborative, meaningful societal changes. Close to 15 years back, he initiated science-backed personal fitness transformations, in our city. A successful fitness business owner (Rust Fitness/Bikes) by the day, a runner / strength trainer by the evenings, a cyclist by the mornings, Nitesh is a true blue friend for all seasons.

Fall in Love with taking care of Yourself – Mind, Body & Soul ..

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