Prakash Mali

My Name is Prakash Mali (known as Professor), a bicycle activist from Udaipur (India). I work as IT consultant with having 14 years’ experience in industry and work for Udaipur based IT firm. I am an enthusiastic cyclist who love to cycle throughout the week. Also, founding member of Udaipur Cycling Club which was established in 2017. The club organize cycling tour, cycling rallies within city, and several awareness programs on special occasions for public and always striving to implement solutions for a clean and healthy city.

I found my love with making centuries on bicycle and would always love to hit 100 km in every weekend.

I am an enthusiastic trekker and marathon runner where I participated in many marathons like Tuffman, Mount Abu, Adani, Chambal Challenge and IDBI Delhi etc. in India.

I completed trek into Mount Everest’s Base Camp, which sits 17,665 feet above sea level, on Sunday 23 May, 2019.

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