Yougal Tak

I am an Architect-Transportation Planner by profession and an avid cyclist by passion. I initially took up cycling as a natural progression from running (participated and completed a few half marathons and 10km runs across country) and also as a mean to keep myself fit and healthy. A few days into it and I soon realized that cycling allowed me to experience and explore the city in such a leisurely paced movement which no other mode can provide and match, and at the same time, given the right ecosystem and suitable environment, can play an important role in city’s mobility needs.

Being a cyclist and marathoner and working in this space for the last 10 years or so, and currently as part of our formal engagement with city government, I’m already working on making the city more bicycle friendly with initiative such as a city-wide Public Bicycle Sharing System and inclusion of bicycle tracks in a few identified smart roads.

Moreover, I am part of one of the biggest cycling clubs of Udaipur, which is a very diverse group of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Our club is engaged in bringing awareness to others about the benefits of cycling, mainly related to helping curb traffic and pollution levels in addition to keeping oneself fit and healthy, and also to use the bicycle for their daily commuting needs.

However, it’s just a start and it’s important to bring in that cultural shift- mindset, behavioral and attitudinal changes- from potential users to decision makers to really make Udaipur an ‘Bicycle City’ in the true sense of the phrase and to be known as one, among its other famous pseudo names. i.e. ’Lake City’ and ‘Smart City’.

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